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Are you ready to live?

Are you ready to create the kind of life you want to live? Sometimes that means clearing out the junk that keeps us from loving God. Sometimes it means addressing the fear that prevents us from loving others. And sometimes it means healing the wounds that keep us from loving ourselves.

Bringing together heart, soul and mind

I’m an ordained minister. And a licensed counselor. Science helps us understand the ways in which our brains work and how to harness them in making changes. Faith offers hope that change is possible and that our lives may yet have meaning. Through these webinars, books, blog posts and courses you’ll find resources for becoming the best version of yourself, the person God invites you to be.


Anxiety. Communication. Grief. Anger. Each month I offer free webinars on these and other topics. Subscribe to my channel to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Healing from loss

It’s my honor to staff grief healing workshops in Maine and North Carolina. Held every year, these workshops give people an opportunity to do deep healing work, free of the demands of everyday life. You can learn more about these below.

Retreats, Preaching and speaking

Need a leader for your workshop or your retreat? Need a preacher for your service or a speaker for your meeting? Contact me about what your group needs and the possibilities of scheduling. I’ve spoken and led groups throughout the southeast. You can see one of my sermons here.

( “This (If I love Jesus why do I need Xanax?)was absolutely wonderful. Lots of good suggestions, lots of affirmations, and gave me a better understanding of anxiety. Thank you!”

Connie Toverud,

Oslo, Norway

Healing from loss

Life brings us a hundred different kinds of loss: people, pets, jobs, marriages, homes, health, childhoods lost to abuse. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross helped us understand that the feelings related to loss don’t go away when we ignore them. Only as we have safe ways to express and process them can we heal ( which isn’t the same as getting over it.) For over twenty years I’ve been privileged to staff workshops that grew out of Elisabeth’s work and to bear witness to the transformation of healing. You can find a workshop near you at  

Suffering from WTMD (Way Too Much Drama)?

Other people’s drama that sucks you in. the drama that goes on inside your head. It’s endless. and exhausting. Get my free tip sheet on How To Conquer the Drama and Start Enjoying Life.


Why bother to work on your life?

Sometimes it can seem a little self indulgent… spending time, energy and money on yourself. Isn’t it being selfish?  Actually, it’s the opposite of being selfish. Old wounds keep us limping in heart and soul. False beliefs about who and what we are keep our lives contracted and small. Self doubt keeps us from offering our gifts to the world. When we live as less than we were created to be we cheat our families, our friends, our work… and ourselves. What might you do if you were free?

Living free

Freedom looks different to different people. The family therapist Virginia Satir gave us picture of five freedoms. For you it may mean freedom from that critical voice inside your head that constantly berates you, belittles you and replays every mistake you ever made. I help people get free. Look for my upcoming course, “If God loves me why don’t I like myself?”


Tired of the same old, same old?

  • Same old worries that never quite leave.
  • Same old self doubts.
  • Same old voices inside your head, beating you up and putting you down.
  • Same old wondering why there isn’t more joy.
  • Same old questions as to where faith fits into all of this.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done

you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Join me and take that first step into something different. Something better.