Increase Your Self Esteem:

Stop Beating Up on Yourself

As I waited for the tow truck I mentally hit myself over the head with a baseball bat. The fuel pump in my brand new car was bad. I should have checked the fuel pump before I bought it. Everyone checks the fuel pump.

Actually, no one checks the full pump. We all assume that if the car goes, the pump is good. The thing is, the bully in my head wasn't rational. They seldom are.

Thankfully, that was many years ago. Through the years​ I've learned how much easier life can be if I'm not bullying myself in my own brain, always giving myself the failing grade. In over a decade as a therapist, I've helped many clients get free of their own inner bullies.

That's why I'm so excited to offer this course. In it, you'll learn how the inner bully gets formed, what nurtures it and why it matters. (Hint: They do a number on our self esteem.) ​More than that, you'll get tools for dealing with this bully and taking your power back. These are tools that I've used over and over again with clients.

This course will launch in early spring. To make sure you don't miss it, ​follow my blog, sign up for a free download on changing habits or follow me on Twitter @PeggyHaymes.