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The Office at the Corner of Faith and Therapy

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The Office at the Corner of Faith and Therapy

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If I love Jesus why do I need Xanax? Anxiety, faith and living a real life

Can I be angry? Anger, faith and living a real life

What if I mess up? Imperfection, faith and living a real life

How to deal with other people without losing yourself


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Peggy's presentation was excellent. As a counselor, I'm already quite familiar with the subject matter, but Peggy has a lovely way of getting her points across. I love the sound of her voice, with her soft Southern accent, and the examples she shares are so perfect and easily understood. I listened to this to see if it's one I would want to share with some of my own clients, and of course now I cannot wait until it's available for replay so I can do that. Thanks ever so much!"

Marty Tousley
Linda Kent Duckworth

The information was presented in a very organized, interesting and easy to grasp format and she was professional, yet down to earth and personal. I look forward to Peggy holding more webinars in the future!

James Garrison

This has been great! Quite an encouragement to me.

Kameron Allen

This was very helpful information and a great way to present. I'm so grateful to my friend who shared the link to your webinar. Thank you!

Anne Gorman

Awesome. Great way to spend an hour. Thank You for your insights. I found it informative.

  Connnie Toverud Oslo, Norway

This was absolutely wonderful! There were so many points to think about that I wanted about 5 extra minutes between each new idea, but I know I can get the replay and push the pause button. As an old lady I have learned to welcome my anger and thank God for my spirituality, but there are always new ideas and this presentation was full of them. Thank you!