The Joy of Missing Out

By Peggy Haymes | Uncategorized

Feb 05
Peggy Haymes


Evidently it's a thing, the Fear of Missing Out. So many possibilities. So many choices. What if I miss out on that one experience? What if I make the wrong choice? What if I miss out?

I knew it was time. For far too long I'd been paying far too much money for far too many cable channels that I never watched. When I learned that I could stream sports channels, I made the call to the cable company. After haggling worthy of a Middle Eastern bazaar, I'd done the deed. My cable TV was now "limited" to various streaming services and the cable "Starter package," or, as I like to call it, the channels I was perfectly happy to have growing up.​

I wondered if I'd get a side order of FOMO with the change. After all, I was used to being able to access whatever was happening or might be​ happening, just with a click of the remote.

But instead the oddest thing happened.​

I was relieved. I felt as if a weight was off my shoulders. I no longer had to worry about whether or not I was missing out. I could be satisfied with what was before me.

Sometimes we go through life like the perpetual party guest, always looking over the shoulder of the experience we're having to see what new experience might be in the room.​ And yet, there's a great joy in being where we are when we are there.

The first time I walked into a Barnes and Noble​ Bookstore  I wanted to sit in the middle of the store and weep. So many books filled with such interesting things. And I would never be able to read them all in this lifetime. The fear of missing out on many of them, however, hasn't kept me from deeply enjoying some of them.

You're going to miss out. I'm going to miss out. We are all limited, finite creatures. But, oh my, the things we may experience if we let go of the fear and embrace what is before us.​


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Counselor. Writer. Minister. Speaker. Never one to fit into just one checkbox, Peggy Haymes enjoys using a variety of avenues to help people create the lives they want to live. she lives in Winston-Salem, NC along with 2 rescue dogs and a rescue cat. She enjoys participating in triathlon, making music and cheering on various teams.

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