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Jul 03

Missing the Kitten for the Treats

By Peggy Haymes | Lifestyle

I hadn’t planned to get a kitten.

At least, not yet.

This spring I had to put down my diabetic and so-done-with-this-life cat. It’s been over twenty years since I’d had a kitten in my house. I wanted one but planned to wait a year until the 2017 kitten season.

rescue kittenUntil I saw Buster. His picture popped up on my Facebook feed and well, that was that.

So I’ve been trying to introduce Buster to my eleven and eight year old dogs. Following the wisdom of the experts, I took my leashed dogs into the kitten’s room, one at the time with treats in my pocket to reward good behavior.

Things went well with my old dog Oakley. Raised with cats since she was a puppy, all she has wanted in this life (besides daily walks and no thunder) was a cat to be her friend. She has an eternal feline hope,

Ralphie was another story.

Things didn’t go poorly, It’s just that he was so fixated on the treat that he never knew that a kitten was right behind him, almost sitting on his tail. I kept trying to introduce him to Buster but he stubbornly stayed fixated on my pocket. Treats! You have Treats! I don’t think he ever realized that a kitten was in the room with him.

I’ve thought about missing the kitten for the treats, and how often we do it.

Oh shucks, I’ve thought about how often I do it. I miss the new chapter ready to unfold because I’m too busy looking at the old one. I miss the unexpected surprise because I’m too fixated on what I already know. I miss the opportunity because it means change and change feels like danger and threat and, at the very least being very uncomfortable. And I’d rather keep looking at the treats.

What’s keeping you distracted? One of the ways I distract my focus is by having none. When my focus is scattered all over the place – things to do, places to be, what I should have done yesterday and what I need to do tomorrow and where in the heck are my keys? – it’s hard to see what’s right in front of me.

Ralphie was focused. Just on the wrong thing.

What do you think? What keeps you distracted? What have you missed? Share in the comments below.